What If You Took a Photo of Every Movement of Your Life?

We are suckered into thinking that we can only take photos if we travel to exotic places (India, Tokyo, NYC), if we have a super glamorous lifestyle, and if we have the latest cameras and fastest lenses. All of this is just bullshit that the camera companies and advertising companies try to feed you, to […]

Version II: Learn From the Masters of Street Photography

After about a hundred shots of espresso, the newest “Learn From the Masters of Street Photography” PDF Book is live. This version (Version II) is the newest and cleanest version that distills the wisdom of the masters. Better late than never as they say. The “ber” months have been tough on your admin balancing a […]

Student Photos: Film Street Photography Workshop in Dubai

Just finished the coolest workshop here in Dubai– the 2-day Experience the Magic of Film Workshop at Gulf Photo Plus 2016. The students all hit the streets with their cool film cameras , and we had a blast shooting film. Last time we talked with Dayv, he just finished his first book, High Street Low Street: […]

What if Smartphones Had The Same Image Quality as DSLR’s?

I think the main reason why people look down on smartphones is because they think its image quality isn’t “good enough” as DSLRS— which you can do fancy stuff like pixel-peep, “bokeh”, and trot around big lenses. Thirdly, generally the ergonomics of a smartphone device isn’t as good as holding a camera with a grip. […]

Mark Alor Powell Opens Up About His New Photobook: “Open At Noon”

Mark: Thanks. I knew I had a book somewhere with a good strong edit. A friend sent me a link to enter the Editorial RM Fotolibro award. Spent a good two months trying to find a sequence. The way I was working as a photographer from 2006- 2014. I wanted the book not to be […]

Street Photography: 50 Ways to Capture Better Shots of Ordinary Life

I am excited to announce that I (finally) published my first paper-back book: “Street Photography: 50 Ways to Capture Better Shots of Ordinary Life” in collaboration with DEXT; my Swedish publisher. This book has been a long time in the making. I first got contacted by DEXT a few years ago, and it was quite […]

Guardian strip Vibe Consultant is a hilarious send-up of media industry wankery

Lampooning media industry bullshit like a brightly coloured Nathan Barley, the Vibe Consultant comic strip by Kyle Platts is a hilarious and at times, troublingly real look into the oft-ludicrous world of reach. The strip was commissioned by The Guardian to appear on the back page of its monthly Guardian Guide, and sees the Vibe Consultant battle the […]

Design Museum London announces opening date and inaugural show

Google Creative Lab has put out a call-for-entires for applications to join its team on a one year paid programme called The Five. Entrants can apply from fields including writing, design, filmmaking and developing, “with the occasional wild card.” The Creative Lab 5 site acts as the application form, inviting people to “write, design, code, […]